What's in the box?

What is the box?


Box Contents:

  • 5 Dream Cards that explain the process of asking your dreams a question for guidance
  • Dream Guidance Book - By Dream Expert Machiel Klerk
  • Celestial Dream Journal
  • Energy-Charged Candle
  • Palo Santos Wood stick for cleansing
  • High Quality Dream Oil
  • Dream Pills - Sampler of doTERRA Serenity Softgels
  • Believe Necklace - Chain Attached as one Piece
  • Crystal Quartz necklace
  • Sun/Moon Lucky Charm
  • 24” gold plated chain
  • 10-minute Meditation Song (Original Composition Specially Made for the Dream Guidance Box)


Enhancing the Manifestation Process with Our Box
Discover how our box facilitates the art of manifestation:
1. **Connect with Creative and Guiding Dreams:** Immerse yourself in the world of creative and guiding dreams, unlocking the wisdom within.
2. **Streamlined 5-Step Manifestation Process:** The box introduces a straightforward 5-step process designed to manifest your desires and extract valuable guidance from your dreams.
3. **Empowerment Through Intention Setting:** Equipped with a set of tools, the box guides you in setting a robust intention, building positive expectations, and fostering a belief system conducive to successful manifestation.
4. **Carefully Curated Items for Inner Connection:** Each item in the box is meticulously chosen to establish a profound connection with the depths of your being and the universe, promoting a more fulfilling life.
5. **Encourages Mindful Reflection:** The box acts as a catalyst for slowing down, enabling you to tap into a reflective state and truly listen. By tuning into your heart's messages, you'll gain clarity and take purposeful steps, enhancing your ability to heed the wise voice within.
In essence, our box is a transformative tool designed to facilitate a mindful and intentional approach to manifestation, empowering you to live a more fulfilled life.


How to use the box?

  1. Open your box and breathe it in….read the "Dream Guidance" Book by our partner and collaborator and Dream Expert, Machiel Klerk.
  2. Put on your crystal quartz amulet or Sun/Moon Charm and BELIEVE necklace - wear it around your heart
  3. Play the 10-minute meditation song custom designed for this box –
  4. Light your Dream Candle - Sink into your heart and emotions and listen to your own inner voice
  5. Burn your Palo Santos clearing stick and let all the energy in the room circulate and lighten –
  6. Add a few drops of your Dream oil to the bottom of your feet, relax –
  7. Follow the 5-step process on your dream cards - Write down or identify your desires/intentions
  8. Take your dream pill as an act of ritual and intention and lay down into meditation –
  9. Let yourself drift away into dreamland – Enjoy!
  10. As you awaken, write your dreams, feelings and impressions down first thing - before your short-term memory releases them. Capture it. Reflect on it.
  11. Stay open to the signs, synchronicities, symbols and conversations the universe brings into your reality - Follow the breadcrumbs the universe lays out for you - ACT FAST ON INSPIRATION! Repeat the process to keep unlocking more messages and inspirations as you evolve, create, and grow. Follow the things that glow.



Amulet and Lucky Charm:

An amulet or charm - This object holds energetic properties that protect and bring good fortune. You can carry it or wear it around the heart or keep it in a place that is the desired sphere of influence. 

The power of an amulet or lucky charm lies in the belief and intention imbued into it. Throughout history and across cultures, people have sought solace and protection in objects believed to possess mystical or magical properties. Amulets and lucky charms harness and amplify positive energies, ward off negative influences, and bring good fortune to those who possess them. The power of these talismans often stems from cultural, spiritual, or personal significance attached to them.

The belief in the power of amulets and lucky charms is rooted in the concept of symbolism. Symbols hold meaning and can evoke specific emotions or energies. When an individual carries or wears an amulet or lucky charm, they establish a connection to the symbol, reinforcing their intentions and desires. This connection can act as a constant reminder and source of positive energy, instilling confidence, protection, and good luck.

Believe Necklace - Chosen specifically by Jo'Anne Smith, Psychic Medium, She believes this word is powerful and to wear it connects you to your unconscious in magical ways. 

Crystal Quartz - These white crystals associated with the crown chakra are great for their ability to amplify energy and intention. This is good stone for crystal healing and is an energy amplifier, it also helps to create a connection with your higher self.

Sun/Moon Charm – Chosen, hand selected as the lucky dream charm for our Dream Guidance Box. Wear it or hang it in your desired sphere of influence for connection to your dream intentions.

Play with the magnetic, supernatural, mystical, otherworldly force that makes up YOU!


Dream Oil:

The makers of The Dream Guidance Box did a 6-week experiment leading up to the creation of this box. We played with a dozen different oils known to help  relax, promote meditative states and induce dreams. As a result of the experiment, we have come up with this delicious blend to induce more vivid dreams!

Made with high quality doTERRA essential oils and blended with a touch of fractionated coconut oil. Let this liquid gold absorb into the pores of your feet for a more radiant dream immersion. Or simply use it as an everyday fragrance and oil to promote a feeling of well-being and calm.

Roman Chamomile – The Oil of Spiritual Purpose. Helps with feeling connected and being fulfilled.

Vetiver – The Oil of Centering & Descent. Helps us root down and assists emotional catharsis.

Juniper Berry – The Oil of the Night. Restores our balance of the dark and light.

Copaiba - The Oil of Unveiling. Helps you to connect to your past, your patterns, your beliefs, and all sides of your personality with honesty.

Serenity – The Oil of Tranquility. Brings rest, peace and healing.


Dream Candle:

Handcrafted, hand poured - energy charged – soy candle lightly scented with natural organic essential oils. Topped off with a touch a glitter and micro citrine gemstones for supreme creative vibes. Have your intention in mind as you light the fire that takes you higher!


Palos Santos Wood Stick:

Palo Santo sticks can be used to clear negative energy in your home. Thanks to its high resin content, Palo Santo wood is believed to release its purifying properties when burned. In the Shamanic history of South America, Palo Santo is said to remove negativity and obstacles and attract good fortune.

Light the stick with the fire of your Dream Candle and clear the energy in your sphere.


Dream Pill:

doTERRA’s Serenity soft gel capsules made with Lavender, L-Theanine, Lemon Balm, Passionflower and Chamomile for more restful sleep and relaxation. Remember that with all things your intention is the most active ingredient. Take the pill as a ritual and act of intention to dive deeper into your dreams. Have your intention in mind as you take the pill, like a ‘placebo’ effect to increase the amplification of your desires.

Take 1-2 capsules before bed.


Dream Cards and the 5-step process to unlock your unconscious:

Intention – ASK - Slow down and feel into your body. How do you need help, what would you like to know, what would you like to experience? Notice which questions are alive in you. Be brave and go with the question that has the most energy to it.

Ritual – ACT – It is very important to create a ritual. Any activity that shows to the Dreaming Universe that you are interested in the answer. You can draw, dance, meditate, create something. Spend focused time, in which you set an intention and expect an answer.

Dream – INTUIT – Meditate briefly on the question while laying in bed, then enjoy your deserved sleep. Let the universal dreaming powers carry you.  

Integration – INTEGRATE - Write down your dream in the present tense. Then reflect on the feelings, experiences in the dream. Notice the story line of the dream. When you summarize the storyline and read it out loud, does that already give you answer?

Manifestation – MAGNIFY – Thank the dreaming universe for it’s input. Follow up in some form on the dream. Make some art, share the dream with a friend, follow it’s advice. Plus continue to notice the ongoing synchronicities, and


Celestial Journal:

The cover design of this beautiful journal is a reproduction of a gold-tooled book binding created by the Henry T. Wood bindery of London in 1933. 160 lightly-lined writing pages provide plenty of space in which to write your dream thoughts, favorite quotations, poems, and personal reflections.


10-Minute Meditation Song "The Magic of Creation":

"The Magic of Creation (Love Signal 528 Hz Theta Binaural Beats 6Hz)

By Thomas Hopkins - Ft. Christy O'Driscoll and Dallas Brown Flute Medicine. Custom Original Composition specially made for The Dream Guidance Box.

Use in your meditation and sleep ritual practice to calm the mind and open the heart. Designed with 528 Hz heart frequency and Binaural beats to induce a theta state (the stage just before sleep). May it carry you and tap you into the magic of creation!

Instagram - @thomas_hopkins_guitar - @christyodriscoll - @dallasbrownflutemedicine