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Introducing the Dream Manifestation Box

Unlock the potential to bring your heart's desires to life with our specially curated Dream Manifestation Box. Meticulously crafted, this box serves as a gateway to optimal guidance drawn from the realm of your dreams, enriching your life journey in profound ways. 

Rooted in a fusion of ancient traditions, modern scientific research, and a wealth of hands-on experience in the realm of dreams, this box is a testament to the healing and creative powers that dreams hold. Across cultures, individuals have sought insight by dedicating special nights to dream exploration, engaging in a series of rituals that tap into the transformative energies of their dreams. 

Our Dream Manifestation Box seamlessly marries cutting-edge science with deep spiritual traditions, offering a unique process and set of rituals to help you receive guidance and turn your dreams into reality. Modern science underscores the importance of intention-setting and managing expectations to shape our future reality, and this box provides a tangible bridge between the latest scientific insights and ancient wisdom. 

Delve into the symbolic language of your dreams, a code that the subconscious mind may uniquely comprehend. Dream expert Machiel Klerk, in his book "Dream Guidance," unveils a transformative 5-step process called dream incubation. Excitingly, this process is not just detailed in the book but intricately woven into every tool within the Dream Manifestation Box. As you engage with this method, you'll not only have fun but also experience its remarkable effectiveness—enabling you to slow down, connect with your inner self, and open up to the profound depths of your own being. 

Embark on a delightful and effective dream journey with the Dream Manifestation Box. Your heart's desires await—enjoy the adventure! 

What's in the Box?

In essence, our box is a transformative tool designed to facilitate a mindful and intentional approach to manifestation, empowering you to live a more fulfilled life.

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Message From The Creators

Have you noticed how our world is changing, old systems are crumbling, our perspectives are shifting, even the energy in the air feels different? The veil is lifting from our eyes beckoning us to look deeper and to awaken to new potentials of what is possible.

The Earth is seeking a more compassionate evolution.

If you want to play in the wavelengths of these new frequency potentials and create in the dynamic transformative energy on Earth, you’ll have to align with what is divine. The attunement to your life’s destined blueprint.

About Us


Our dreams are full of symbolism that perhaps only the subconscious mind can ever understand. To have a better idea of what they mean, I developed a method called dream incubation, how talking to your dreams before going to sleep can uncover its messages lying deep within. Tapping into your subconscious can lead to profound self-discovery, healing from emotional wounds, and unlocking different levels of creativity.

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