Dream Poem

Whispers of Truth ~

In the sands of time, our dreams unfold,
Journeys woven, stories yet untold.
Rhythms and waves, life's cyclical rhyme,
Guiding us through the tapestry of time.
Dreams emerging, from depths unknown,
Out of the blue, where stars are sown.
Vivid creations, born in fleeting flight,
Bathed in colors, radiant and bright.
In the moment's embrace, revelations rise,
Whispers of truth, a celestial guise.
Unlocking secrets, weathered and old,
Unveiling the essence, the soul's pure gold.
Heaven's canvas, where dreams take flight,
Igniting passions, igniting the light.
Through winding paths, we find our way,
Embracing the dance, with each passing day.
For in the tapestry of life, we're bound,
To seek the magic, that's always around.
Dreams and journeys, intertwined as one,
Weaving tales of wonder, until life is done.
So let us embark, with hearts aflame,
Exploring the mysteries, without any shame.
For in dreams realized, and truths we behold,
We find the beauty, of a life untold.


 - Christy O'Driscoll, Original Poem for the Dream Guidance Box