About Us

Machiel Klerk - Bio

Machiel is a psychotherapist, who specializes in helping people connect to their own creative wisdom. Whether their biggest challenges involve mental health issues like anxiety, trauma, relationships, grief or how to creatively express their soul. Klerk helps people identify the changes they need to make so they live a more engaged, creative life and fulfill their life’s purpose.
He is also an author, public speaker, dreamworker and the founder of Jung Platform. He wrote and published the book "Dream Guidance".

Instagram: @machielklerk

Christy O'Driscoll - Bio

A visionary artist - Christy felt called to a spiritual path many years ago from an undeniable passion to 'use her voice' as a force for something greater.  She has a unique blend of acoustic raw, yet polished modern/pop, sound to her voice for an overall effect that is "ethereally grounded". 

She has been performing and writing music since she was 8 years old and has opened for many artists. She was in the award winning live show at “Country Tonight” in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at the age of 12 and was the featured performer for the Mrs. International pageant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee hosted by Bob Eubanks and Gloria Gainer. She also made it to LA in the top 100 on American Idol’s 3rd season. She has performed the national anthem for many sporting events including the Jazz NBA team, the Monster Truck world finals in Las Vegas, and the Supercross finals in Las Vegas aired live on CBS and the SPEED channel.

Playing with the elements, collecting the wind, and learning about the power within; Christy believes in the power of the mind, words, and affirmations, The deep trust in the flow of it all. Through the seasons and years she's been making her own energy enhanced tools and has teamed up with Machiel Klerk (Dream Expert)  to bring you "The Dream Guidance Box".

Instagram: @christyodriscoll